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Living with Cancer

These are blog posts about living with cancer, my Christian point of view, or about life in general. My goal is to help others face cancer with grace. These blog posts are written with that goal in mind.


My latest books, book signings, and musings about the process of writing. As a writer, I love to share my experiences. I love to hear from other writers as well.

Our Story

This is a memoir style blog about our family’s journey with my husband’s cancer, written with the benefit of hindsight. I wrote some of these entries from the perspective of Dan Erickson. This is a literary decision that I made due to the fact that I will ultimately turn these entries into the book, “Facing Cancer with Grace.”

Dan’s Cancer Journey

Our Caring Bridge Blog entries from 2012-Present. These are an “in the moment” look at our journey through Dan’s cancer journey. During the summer of 2016, we decided to move these updates to


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