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App Review

Brainsparker AppAs a writer, it’s essential for me to have a constant spark of creativity. So, whenever a tool comes along that helps generate ideas, I have to try it out.  I’m excited to share my favorite creativity app with you. It is called the brainsparker app. I can’t think of a better name for it. “Brainsparker is a creativity app designed to spark your imagination, disrupt your routine thinking and trigger your brain to come up with new ideas and better solutions.”

What I love about the brainsparker app

The brainsparker app is easy to use and it puts creativity at your fingertips. You can choose which packs you would like to choose in your “shuffle,” by tapping the box next to the packs in the “My Collections” tab. You can also choose to include them all.

Then, you simply tap the shuffle icon or if you like, you can give your phone a shake. The cards will randomly rotate across the screen of your device. Tap the screen to bring the shuffle to a stop and the card will flip over.

Allow the card to spark an idea and then use it! If it’s a writing prompt, write. If it’s a photography prompt, grab your camera and go! Or if you just want to think more deeply about your life and how to improve it, use the coach’s pack to get something like this: “Who do you need to forgive?”

Choose to be challenged

Schedule a daily reminder and brainsparker will send you a random prompt from your collection each day at the time you choose. This keeps your creative fires burning.

Check out the variety of packs!Brainsparker App

  • Starter Pack 200 cards to trigger new ideas and fresh thinking (Included with free app)
  • New Year Pack 52 inspiring questions for setting big goals (Included with free app)
  • Blogger’s Pack 150 great titles for crafting blog posts
  • Character Pack 150 writing prompts for developing characters
  • Coach’s Pack 150 questions to ignite powerful change
  • Dialogue Pack 150 prompts for creating conversations*
  • Innovator Pack 150 triggers to inspire new products and services ideas
  • Journal Pack 150 self-discovery prompts for journaling
  • Photo Pack 150 prompts to enhance your photography*
  • Positive Pack 150 affirmations to inspire you to create*
  • Quotes Pack 150 creativity quotes to shift perspectives
  • Words Pack 150 trigger words for focus and clarity
  • Writer’s Pack 150 story starters to spur creative writing

*New packs, released 11/2018

My tip for success

With this variety of packs, I have found it beneficial to narrow down my choices to match my needs. This reduces the chances of getting a prompt that doesn’t fit what you are trying to do. For example, you wouldn’t use the photography pack for writing, but you might use it for visual art in any form. The journal pack and the coach’s pack are both great for more introspective thinking, but the blogger’s pack wouldn’t meet this need. By having the VIP Pack, you will have a brainsparker to meet all of your needs. And you can choose which packs you want to use at any given time.

Get the brainsparker app for free

Download the included 250+ card Starter Pack and New Year Pack. I’m certain that like me you will love the simplicity of the app and the depth of creativity that will be prompted. You can add additional pack via in-app purchasing (.99 on the app store at the time of this review). Or, purchase the VIP Pass (2.99 at the time of this review). The VIP Pass includes over 1,900 cards, as well as any future packs that brainsparker releases.

Brainsparker features inspiring courses

It’s clear to me that the people who created the brainsparker app are on a mission to free people up for creative thinking. They have a free kickstart course to start you on a creative path. This is an email course that takes you on an A to Z exploration of ways to think more creatively. I plan to share my experience with the kickstart course in April 2019.

I give this app 5 stars!

Disclaimer: I was granted a VIP Pass in exchange for an honest review. I do not benefit from the sale of the app, in any way.

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What an interesting app. I don’t suffer from lack of ideas but there may come a time. This looks great.

Hi Jacqui. I like to do free-writes to stay proficient at creative writing. These are really helpful for that.

What a neat idea! It looks like it’s Apple only for now, but hopefully, they will have an Andriod version in the near future. I apparently need this because I’m supposed to be writing a piece that was due yesterday, and obviously I’m not…

Hi Nancy. Thank you for pointing that out! I hadn’t noticed that. It looks like they do have plans to create an android and Windows version by the end of 2019. In the meantime, they have some free creativity resources HERE.

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