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When Caregiving Tears You Apart

Caregiving can really tear you apart at the seams.

It’s hard enough being a caregiver for one family member or friend, but when there are others who are depending on you, caregiving can feel like an impossible task.

There’s something called the sandwich generation.

I’m in it, and maybe you are too. It’s when you’re caring for a parent (or in my case, a spouse) and you have children that need your attention as well. You can feel like there isn’t enough of you to go around, and that someone is getting the short straw. The fact, is that it’s likely you who is shorted.

This past couple of weeks we have been dealing with a family crisis that involves one of our children. We had to deal with things we never imagined we’d be trying to navigate. I’m so thankful that my husband is currently doing well. Still, some things you encounter in life and in your caregiving journey can be overwhelming. During this time, I’ve had to try to find the balance between the needs of everyone in our family.

One thing, especially, brought me some comfort. My husband was playing a worship CD in the car and the woman who was singing, sang the words,

“Your babies are my babies. They’re in my hands. Your children are my children. I love them even more than you love them. It’s gonna be alright.”

This line gave me great encouragement.

When our human strength fails—and it will;

When we find we aren’t enough to fix the most difficult situations, we can turn to God take them in His hands.

Please let me know if there is something I can pray for for you, today, by emailing me at Until then,

Lord, I pray…

for each of my readers who are going through some struggle in their family. Lift them up on eagle’s wings. Carry them into Your presence, and give them rest. Give them the assurance that you have their lives in your hands.

In Jesus name, amen.


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