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I will be rebranding in 2018! I’m in the process of setting up a new website called, Facing Cancer with Grace. I’ll be moving posts pertaining to living well with cancer to that site.What does this mean for you?If you want to continue to receive what I write about living with cancer and supporting a friend or loved one who is, sign up to be notified when the site goes live. You will continue to get the great information about living well despite living with cancer that you’ve come to expect.Information about writing, blogging, and goal setting will stay here at Heather Erickson Author/Writer/Speaker. For additional freebies and updates, sign up HERE. (This is different from the sign up for Facing Cancer with Grace)Or, do you want both,Facing Cancer with Grace & Heather Erickson Author/Writer/Speaker?By checking your preferences at the bottom of either sign-up, you will get the information you are looking for.As always, you can email me with any questions or concerns at’m so thankful for you, and wish you a very Merry Christmas!WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?I’d love to hear in the comment section, below. I appreciate my readers as well as the writing community. To show that appreciation, I use Comment Read more…

Cancer can feel like a tidal wave. Often family and friends want to make a difference, but feel helpless in the face of such pain and adversity. If you are a Christian, praying for someone who has cancer is the best thing you can do. But how? With a problem so big, it can be hard to find the words.I’ve put together a list of ways you can be praying for someone who has cancerIt isn’t long, but it is powerful. I would recommend really personalizing this in your prayer time. Think about what, specifically, your friend is facing, and pray for that. This list is more of a mind jogger.How to use this listYou may want to pray for one of these areas each day, or if something, in particular, is causing the most trouble for your friend, focus on that for a few days. Our family sometimes divides these areas between us at our evening prayer time. Each of us is interceding for a different part of our friend’s life.Listen!Use these ideas in any way that works best for you. And listen for God to respond in your heart. Often, He will call you to be the answer to the prayer you Read more…

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