E is for: Experiment and Learn (the Joy of Knitting)

The joy of Knitting

I’m still stuck on the last post about disrupting the rules. These prompts are really hard for someone who doesn’t like to rock the boat and has no desire to invent anything. But, I recently was able to witness something awesome: 2 young people learning the joy of knitting.00

This past December

My daughter’s boyfriend, Ray came to visit for a couple of weeks. After seeing some YouTubers learn how to knit over a weekend, they decided that they would take up knitting. Ray used chopsticks and Summer used bamboo skewers. Summer warns that this is a bad way to learn knitting because you will get splinters. Nonetheless, they pushed on.

Ray watched knitting how-to videos and Summer read Wiki-How’s. they pooled their new knowledge and within a couple of days they were hanging out like hipster grandmas, knitting up a storm. Their 1st project was a baby blanket for Ray’s new niece. They each tried to knit squares which would then be sewn together to make the blanket.  Unfortunately, Ray’s squares ended up being smaller than Summer’s because he was knitting them too tightly. So, they decided it was better if Summer finished the blanket alone. Later, when she tried to merge all of the squares into the blanket, she found it was difficult to get “just right.” So, she decided to call it “rustic.”

More Knitting Projects

While Summer was working on the blanket, Ray knitted hats. He made his first hat from the bottom edge to the top, but that looked a little bulky and more like a big kippah. Next, he tried knitting from the top to the bottom edge. This was more difficult to do, but it really improved the result.

Summer began knitting scarves. She learned how to purl which allowed her to follow a nice pattern. The yarn was beautiful! Meanwhile, Ray was now knitting a pair of socks. Socks were right up his alley because he used skinny yarn and a tight stitch. They were beautiful!

It was amazing to me how proficient they had become at a skill they knew nothing about only a week earlier. They experimented and weren’t afraid to make mistakes. It’s also a lot of fun to learn a new skill with a friend.

The A to Z Blogging Challenge

A to Z Blogging ChallengeI’m doing double duty this month during the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Here at Heather Erickson Author/Writer/Speaker, I will share ideas for “Thinking Creatively.” I’ll also be doing the challenge at Facing Cancer with Grace, where I will focus on “Avoiding Burnout.” I hope you’ll visit me at both sites. Today’s post is E is for Experiment and Learn.

Thomas Edison didn’t get the lightbulb right the first time.  In fact, he “found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.” Experimenting gives you the chance to fail fast and learn quickly about what works – and what doesn’t. Think about a project you’re working on. How could you test one of your best concepts on a small scale? Have you experimented with anything new, lately?

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10 comments on “E is for: Experiment and Learn (the Joy of Knitting)

That’s awesome they learned how to knit. Just beware, as a seasoned knitter, yarn will now take over their homes. The stash is real and it only grows! LOL

Hi Patricia. They collect coupons and then go yarn shopping. The stash is definitely growing!

Quilt patterns fascinate me. I like to check out the quilt store here to look at the Hawaiian patterns. One thing I could never figure out is how you can manage to match up and sew together all the squares. Kind of like putting as puzzle together. I would do like Summer and call it rustic. Not my talent so I appreciate that talent in others.

Hi Gail, I am always in awe of people skilled at handicrafts. I’ve never considered myself crafty. Although I can do some basic sewing.

Top up or bottom down hats both can fit just fine. I think Ray is just learning gauge. They’ll get better with more experience. The sky’s the limit.

Hi Liz. I always find it fascinating to see someone learn something new. They add a whole new dimension to who they are.

Knitting is something I have always found tough to handle! Can’t believe one can learn it in a week! 🙂
I used to bake a year ago, but then, last year I discontinued because of hubby’s illness and the lack of enthusiasm. So, this year I made a start and for me, that’s like relearning the art of baking, all over again. It’s something that makes me so happy. I do it on Sundays, or hubby and I bake something together on Saturdays.

Hi Shilpa, my husband’s illness has drained me, as well. I’m not finding joy in a whole lot right now, but I think that’s a natural part of grief. My understanding is that one day I will regain that joy. It seems hard to imagine. I am so glad that you are again enjoying baking. This is so encouraging.

I have always wanted to learn to knit. Considering I adore DIY and can do a lot of things, i am always amazed that I didn’t get around to knitting or crocheting. My dream is to make a knitted poncho (keeping it simple, you see 😉 )

Now I really would love to see Ray’s hats and Summer’s blanket/scarves. 🙂

And I am in awe of you listing all your AtoZ posts (the page from where I arrived here). Whoa. Glad to connect with you, Heather!

Thank you, Vidya. I’m glad to connect with you, as well. Your posts are so positive–They make me smile! 🙂

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