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It’s the 1st Wednesday of the month again. That’s when I take part in Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Thank you to this month’s awesome co-hosts for the IWSG are T. Powell Coltrin, Victoria Marie Lees, Stephen Tremp, Renee Scattergood, and J.H. Moncrieff! This week I will be recounting my writing journey as I answer the optional question for January 8, 2020:

“What started you on your writing journey? Was it a particular book, movie, story, or series? Was it a teacher/coach/spouse/friend/parent? Did you just “know” suddenly you wanted to write?”

My writing journey began very early on in life.

Before I could even read, I made up what were surely the corniest songs about willow trees. I was obsessed with them. Since I couldn’t write yet, every time I sang them they changed.

The next part of my writing journey was my love affair with books. Even then, I would stay up late reading by the stream of light that came from the crack under my bedroom door. Nancy Drew was my favorite. My best friend and I would play Nancy Drew all of the time, making up our own mysteries.

My Writing Journey

When I got older, I learned that I had a way with words. My 6th-grade teacher really encouraged me to write. That cemented it. I approached the 8th grade English teacher about putting together a school literary magazine. For the next 2 years, I worked on that until I went to high school. In high school, I applied for an art school for literary art and was accepted. I really enjoyed that experience.

My writing journey took a few detours

When I graduated, I didn’t make the best life choices. I didn’t go on to college. My parents didn’t see how I would ever make a living writing. I have spent the rest of my life up to this point taking care of my family.

A few years ago, I realized that the kids were no longer taking all of my time and energy.  Our family also found out that my husband had terminal lung cancer. I began to write to educate people about living with cancer and supporting people who are. During this time I wrote and published a few books and started 2 blogs.

Live Changed Again

My husband died in April. Grief pulled me away from my keyboard and it took a while to be able to write again. It’s the first time that my emotions caused writer’s block in its purest form. Thankfully I found an amazing therapist who recognized that my creative life was essential to my healing. She helped me get back on track with my writing.

I had to get a job

My money ran out and I needed to find a regular job with a real paycheck. I got a part-time job as an ALDI cashier (which I actually love). I also got a gig as a freelancer working for a local web development company. This has been a fantastic experience.

Both of these jobs take away from my reading and writing time, though. So, I’ve slowed down a bit when it comes to my personal writing goals.  But, I am still moving forward. I recently developed a tennis-elbow and was sidelined from my cashier job at ALDI for a week, so this week I am catching up on my continuing writing journey and hope to get back on track soon.

What Are YOUR Thoughts?

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I am an author, writer, and speaker and homeschooling mom of 3. Since doctors diagnosed my husband, Dan with stage IV lung cancer in 2012, I’ve focused my writing and speaking on helping cancer patients and their families advocate for themselves and live life to the fullest, in spite of their illness. My goal is to help people face cancer with grace. My books are available at

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Facing Cancer as a Friend: How to Support Someone Who Has Cancer

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You are supremely adaptable, Heather. I’m amazed how you find solutions to every issue you face. I have no doubt you’ll continue to do this. Good luck with your upcoming writing!

Thank you, Jacqui. I am very thankful that God has equipped me to get through this. Have a great week!

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your job. Oh, how I wish I had had a blog back in my retail days. The stories…

Hi Liz. I have admired the arsenal of stories you have gained in your teaching!

Thanks for sharing your story. It’s been fun to read about everyone’s earliest writing adventures. Glad to hear you’re starting to get back on track again.

Thank you, Nick. It’s good to look back to see the progress we’ve made. Now, to look forward!

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