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I am in the middle of preparing a series on self-publishing, behind the scenes, So this week I decided to write about something a little lighter, a little more personal. I pulled a question from my Jar of Ideas.  The question is as tame as it gets: “What is your favorite food?” I love sushi.

Who are your friends?

A wonderful blogger friend of mine recently posted a thought-provoking blog entitled, Can Someone You’ve Never Met Really Be Your Friend? One important aspect of being someone’s friend is trusting them with personal information about yourself, and they, in turn, reciprocate. I write a lot about my family, but I rarely write about myself, personally. A psychologist might say it is because I have a deep fear of rejection, and they would probably be right. I have recently come to the conclusion that I am pretty thin-skinned. This is my attempt at remedying that, one small step at a time.

The first time I had sushi was about a year and a half ago.

A couple we had become friends with through a cancer support group met us at a local restaurant.  They love sushi and ordered several rolls. I am always willing to try anything. So for the first time, I tried raw fish (not including pickled herring, which really can’t be considered raw, even though it is). I loved it! The flavors were so fresh and vibrant. It was also a special night because it was one of the last times we saw our friend Mike, who later died from cancer. We were able to see him and pray for him and his family, just before he passed.

SushiI soon shared the sushi experience with our daughters. It turns out they love sushi, too. Since then, as a special treat, I will take them for lunch at a local Japanese restaurant. This is the beauty of great food. You can socialize around it, appreciating it together.

A Sensory Experience

One of the great things about sushi is the variety of senses it sparks. This begins with the site of it. Sushi is like a beautiful sculpture on your plate.  I recently watched in an interesting interview of Alton Brown. One of the things he lamented was people like me who take pictures of their food and post them on social media. He said that the problem was how we’ve reduced food to a visual experience rather than recognizing that its value lies in the flavor of it.

Speaking of flavor, sushi not only tastes good, but the texture of it affects the flavor. How is it wrapped? Does it have crunch? Is there a sauce on it? There is such variety in the presentation of sushi.

Now you know my favorite food, what’s yours?

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What are YOUR thoughts?

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10 comments on “Sushi & Friends

There’s nothing wrong with not writing much about yourself. I think many of us do that.

My favorite food? Yikes. I have to narrow it down to one?

Hi Liz. It was tough for me to narrow it down, too.

I love sushi (in fact, I just finished my sushi lunch). I often make it for the kids for school lunches – their friends are always jealous.

I’m not sure I can pick a favourite food. I guess if I was stranded on a desert island I’d want some of my 70% cocoa chocolate and a jar of vegemite.

Wow AJ. I’m really impressed that you can make sushi. I would be too intimidated to try. I have always wanted to try Vegemite.:)

My husband is a big fan of sushi – I don’t mind it, but it is all a bit fussy for me. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of gal, so all the fiddle faddle of sushi seems like hard work to me. I totally understand how some people would love it though. I also like it when bloggers share their lives (maybe I over share mine!) because it makes things so personal and friendly.

Hi Leanne. I like it when bloggers share their lives, too. I will have to do that more. My husband is the only one in our family who doesn’t like sushi. He’s pretty fussy though. I did get him to try it once, but that was enough for him.

It’s always fun when friends can introduce you to new things, including food. I’m a big fan of sticky rice and seaweed and so those components of sushi delight me, but fish not so much. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite food.

I’m cheering you on for stepping gently into the stream of revealing more personal things about yourself. It can be a tender, vulnerable thing, but so worth it in my opinion to be truly seen for who you are.

Thank you, Deborah. Your encouragement really means a lot! Have a wonderful week.

Thank you for the mention, Heather. And right back at you on the ‘wonderful blogger friend’ appellation. Some day we are going to meet in person. I’m absolutely sure of it.

Sushi’s not my thing, although I do think it’s beautiful. Along the same lines, I love bento boxes at Japanese restaurants. I give away the California rolls that are always in those boxes, but adore eating the salad, vegetable tempura, rice, and chicken teriyaki, each in its own little compartment.

Thank you, Karen. When I’ve succeeded in dragging my dear husband to a Japanese restaurant, we split a bento box for the same reason. He tried sushi once and wasn’t a fan. 🙂

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