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As I read “The Early Church: St. Peter, the Apostles, and Martyrs,” by James L. Papandrea, I was reading an exciting family history. Names I have heard many times became attached to stories of the real people who were part of the Church’s beginnings.The Early Church Made ApproachablePapandrea’s background is theologically rich and deep, yet, “The Early Church” was very Read more…

Today we will look at why people blame God for trials and sufferings in life. This is the second post that looks at Job from the Bible to gain insight into suffering.A few weeks ago, we explored the common (though often subconscious) idea that a person diagnosed with a life-altering illness, such as cancer, must have done something to cause Read more…

This is my final A to Z Challenge post, and it is perhaps, my most difficult. What can I write about that starts with Z? I decided to take an actual term, Z Factor, and slap a new meaning on it, all while sharing what has given us peace of mind throughout my husband’s cancer journey. So here it is…The Read more…

That Dragon, Cancer

When I first heard about the game, That Dragon, Cancer from my children, I couldn’t understand what the appeal would be. It is a “game” about a child having and dying from cancer. But, they kept asking for it, so when it went on sale, I bought it. I decided I would check it out before letting them “play” the game.That Read more…

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