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Making memories as a familyEvery family makes memories, either intentionally or unintentionally as they move though life together. When someone in the family is diagnosed with cancer, it’s especially important to become intentional in this memory making process.Your life as a family is much like an orchestra.You all have a part to play. As parents, you conduct, moving your family through the music, through the high notes, the low notes, and the rests.All too often, families put their lives on hold, with the intention of resuming once the cancer is under control or out of the picture. The reality is Read more…

 The Memory Maker’s Journal is available in 5 different covers! The Memory Maker’s Journal- Ruby Edition The Memory Maker’s Journal- Turquoise, Red, and Orange Edition The Memory Maker’s Journal- Navy and Violet Edition The Memory Maker’s Journal- Pink Edition The Memory Maker’s Journal- Turquoise Edition Why a Memory Maker’s Journal?When my husband, Dan was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in 2012, one of the things we soon realized was that our time on earth was finite. Would our children and grandchildren know our stories and what made us who we are? I made the Memory Maker’s Journal because it’s important to share your story.Why is Read more…

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Our family is in that difficult time that all cancer patients and their loved ones get to experience–the waiting. We are grateful that at least Dan is feeling good right now. But, the waiting is hard.As a cancer patient or loved one, you spend a lot of time waiting. It starts when you suspect something is wrong and you have to wait to get into the doctor. Then you wait for test results, (and there are a lot of test results). You have to wait for an appointment to see a specialist, such as a surgeon or an oncologist. You Read more…

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