Resources for Living with Terminal Cancer

Terminal CancerLiving with cancer is never easy. When it’s terminal cancer, it becomes more difficult, more emotionally complex. You aren’t just living with terminal cancer, you are dealing with dying. How will your family cope after you are gone? Hopefully, these resources will help. Doctors said that my husband had about 6 months to live in 2012. People with this type and stage of cancer had a 4% chance of surviving 5 years. He said, “Someone has to be in that 4%. I’ll volunteer to be a 4 percenter!” He made it. It’s five years since he got the diagnosis of stage 4 adenocarcinoma; lung cancer–terminal cancer.

Articles about living with terminal cancer

Our family has been living with my husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis for over 5 years. I know the complex issues surrounding it. I’ve posted many articles on Heather Erickson Author/Writer/Speaker about how to live life to the fullest despite such a painful reality. Check out the archives of these articles, HERE.

I’m in the process of adding more resources and updating this list. Please tell me if you encounter any broken links, if something’s missing or if you would like more information about a particular topic.

Terminal CancerHow do you prepare for the death of a loved one with terminal cancer? The Neptune Society has  an article on their website with information about what to expect and how to move forward, including:

  1. What to Expect from Your Afflicted Loved One
  2. What Emotions and Reactions to Expect from Within and from Your Loved Ones When Caring For A Terminally Ill Loved One
  3. Considerations for Your Child: Talking to Kids About Illness and the End of Life

Stage IV Cancer Support

Stronghold Ministry

A CANCER diagnosis can cause intense fear –
Stronghold Ministry helps take the fear out of cancer.

Are you or a loved one fighting cancer?
Have you just been diagnosed and looking for help?
Have you been battling for a long time and wanting to give up?

We understand and we can help! Our founders, Joe and Terri Fornear, have been through an intense Stage IV cancer battle with metastatic melanoma and Joe has been cancer free since 2003. The Lord was their Stronghold – holding on to them when they were too weak to hang on to Him. This is how we got our name.

“He only is my rock and my salvation, My Stronghold; I shall not be shaken.” – Psalm 62:6

Now, we want to be in your corner! Request our free spiritual gift basket! And let us know how we can pray and encourage you or your loved one. Sign up for our encouraging newsletter too!



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