The Gray Chamber : A Book Review

The Gray ChamberI was thrilled to see that the next offering in the True Colors Series (Historical Stories of American Crime) is “The Gray Chamber” by Grace Hitchcock. I loved the first book in the series, also by Hitchcock, “The White City.” “The Gray Chamber” lived up to my expectations and more. (Read my review of “The White City.)

Edyth Foster and Nellie Bly

Edyth had been orphaned as a child and was raised by her uncle. She picked up the love of fencing along the way, which was an odd hobby for a woman in that era. Her fencing instructor has also been her closest friend since childhood, but Edyth wants more. As Edyth approaches her 25th birthday, she is kidnapped and locked away in the notorious Blackwell’s Island, an insane asylum that journalist Nellie Bly did an expose on, in 1887. Bly wrote about her experiences in Joseph Pulitzer’s newspaper, New York World, and later compiled her writing into the book, “Ten Days in a Madhouse.” In “The Gray Chamber,” Hitchcock introduces us to the famed investigative journalist.

Romance in the Gray Chamber

Hitchcock does a wonderful job of describing life on the island, including the mistreatment patients receive from the doctors and nurses. What she is an expert at is romantic timing. She is able to move the characters from friends to falling in love, so realistically. Readers will cheer them on the whole way! She also has a special surprise in store that will delight readers of “The White City.”

The Gray Chamber won’t make you blush

I also appreciate her deftness at writing a Christian book with subtlety. She doesn’t cram the message down readers’ throats, but rather presents the characters authentically and allows readers to draw the message from their lives. There is nothing in the book that would cause a reader to blush or feel uncomfortable. It’s completely refreshing!

I would recommend “The Gray Chamber” to anyone who loves clean romance and historical fiction. I give it an enthusiastic 5 stars. Get your copy today!

Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing, Inc. who provided me with a free ARC of “The Gray Chamber,” in exchange for an honest review.”

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    • Hi Jacqui, I’m reading one now that’s amazing! “Hid From Our Eyes” by Julia Spencer-Fleming. I will be reviewing it soon. Maybe you can get your hands on an ARC.

    • Hi Liz. I hope you had a good winter break. I’ve enjoyed this whole series, but this author is my favorite writer for it, so far.

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