The Pink Bonnet: A Book Review

The Pink Bonnet True ColorsAfter the 1st book in the “True Colors” series, blew me away, I was looking forward to the next offering in the series. I was rewarded! In “The Pink Bonnet,” author, Liz Tolsma, explores the underbelly of Memphis Tennessee in the 1930s when parents dared not to leave their children alone, for fear they may just disappear.

Imagine leaving your child with a neighbor so you can go on a job interview. You return home to discover the neighbor has given her to someone who runs an orphanage. What lengths would you go to, to get her back? That’s just what Cecile is facing in “The Pink Bonnet.”

“True Colors” is a series of historical stories of American crime.

While the main characters are fictional, the books are based on actual events. “The Pink Bonnet” is based on the Tennessee Children’s Home Society and Georgia Tann, the woman who ran it. The crimes committed by this woman and her cronies in high places are amazing! As an adoptive mother, herself, author Liz Tolsma took great care to respect the legal process of adoption, and the gift it is to both parents and their adoptive children.

I completely enjoyed “The Pink Bonnet,” and the characters in this amazing story. The romance was especially well crafted. I found myself anxious for the children in the book, and looked forward to learning what would happen next,

As in all “True Colors” books, “The Pink Bonnet” is clean,

with no sex or curse words. Virtues such as honesty, loyalty, and doing the right thing, even when it is hard, are held in high regard.  If you like true crime but don’t like the cringe-worthy language and behavior that are often included in those books, “The Pink Bonnet” is for you. It’s available now!

I give “The Pink Bonnet,” 5 stars!

Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing, Inc. for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. And if you would like a free preview of “The Pink Bonnet,” Get yours here!

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  1. It’s really sad to think that there are people who would give away someone else’s child. Who does that?

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