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The Yellow Lantern : A Book Review

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The Yellow Lantern“The Yellow Lantern” by Angie Dicken is the 3rd book in the True Colors Series. True Colors features “historical stories of American crime.” I’ve been a huge fan of this series starting with The White City,” and followed up by The Pink Bonnet.”

“The Yellow Lantern” takes place in 1824. It features a ring of body snatchers who steal the bodies from freshly dug graves so that they can be used in medical research. They pull Josephine, the main character, into their schemes, Things get even more complicated when she begins to have romantic feelings for her manager at the cotton mill where she has gotten work under false pretense.

There is plenty to praise in “The Yellow Lantern”

It’s a clean romance, like the rest of the books in the True Colors Series. Good female friendships are also featured as well, which is something I think we don’t see enough of in today’s media. I always learn something historical from books in this series. “The Yellow Lantern” raised my awareness of body snatching as an early practice to learn about human anatomy. In “The Yellow Lantern” We see a wide range of perspectives surrounding this. Also featured is herbalism as a healing art.

The author also raised issues such as safety conditions for factory/mill workers and indentured service in the book. But she only touched on them. This plot has all the makings of a gripping novel. It was fairly complex but needed a bit of anchoring at the major plot points. The author could have delved deeper into character development. There was a lot of material to cover. Perhaps cutting a few non-essential characters out would have made it easier to connect to the important characters. Still, it was an enjoyable book to read.

“The Yellow Lantern” will be available on July 15, 209. Until then, you can pre-order it HERE.

I give “The Yellow Lantern” 4 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Barbour Books for providing me with an ARC (advance reader copy) of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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They made a movie about body snatchers. The Doctor and the Devils. Came out at least 20 years ago (probably longer). Of course, they didn’t stick with body snatching, they moved into murder…

Hi Liz. I wish I looked it up. It was a 1985 movie. I could watch it on YouTube, but they sped up the film and made everyone sound like a chipmunk to avoid copyright infringement laws.

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