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They say we’re all terminal, and they are right. But, having your doctor tell you that you have terminal cancer makes it all too real. Suddenly, your priorities shift completely. These articles address the unique needs of patients, caregivers, and their loved ones when cancer is terminal.

Survivor's Guilt

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, survival tops your priority list. As time passes, you meet other cancer patients. Some of them survive. Some of them die. Learning that one of your friends has died of cancer, always Read more…

Curing vs. HealingThere comes a time when we need to switch from curative treatment to healing efforts. We can heal, even as we die. There can be healing of relationships, spiritual healing, letting go of the things that never should Read more…

Family Care Conference

This is the 2nd post in a series on having a family care conference. See part 1, “Family Care Conference: Getting on the Same Page,”  HEREMore Meetings?Your first family care conference might have felt overwhelming. No doubt, there were a Read more…

Family Care Conference

An illness like cancer affects not only the patient but also their spouse/caregiver, children, family members and close friends. Everyone has questions, concerns, and fears. A family care conference is an ideal way to help everyone learn exactly what the patient’s Read more…

Stage IV lung Cancer

Stage IV Lung Cancer: How it changed meI remember the year my husband was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. It was 2012. Dan and I were still newlyweds, enjoying a new life together. He’d adopted my 3 daughters 9 Read more…



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