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I am Heather Erickson, an author living in Minneapolis with my college-aged kids and my dog, Molly. I work full-time as an SEO content writer for a local web development company. In my free time, I forage for mushrooms and continue to learn a little bit about everything (One day, I will make the perfect trivia player)!

I’m going to share with you the principles that have helped me to write, publish, and market multiple award-winning books that have helped change people’s lives.
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My nonfiction series, Facing Cancer with Grace is for people who have someone in their life who is fighting cancer. Facing Cancer as a Friend: How to Support Someone who has Cancer, and Facing Cancer as a Parent: Helping Your Children Cope with Your Cancer, have won multiple awards.

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Facing Cancer as a Friend Facing Cancer as a Parent


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My goal is to help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful, published, non-fiction author.



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