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Those People“Those People” by Louise Candlish is a mystery/psychological thriller set in England that strikes at the heart of where you live. I found it incredibly gripping, similar to the 1990 film, “Pacific Heights,” about a bad renter. Only this was more disturbing, because you don’t have to become a landlord, but you can rarely control who moves into your neighborhood. What’s your recourse when the new neighbor on the block is a menace?

The characters were well written and easy to relate to.

I couldn’t stop turning pages to see what would happen next. What would this lunatic newcomer do next? And, how would the historically friendly neighbors react? What stands out the most about this book is how venerable we all are to the perils of neighborhood life. Social norms and manners are the glue that keeps us together. When those are gone, you can expect the worst.

Candlish made good use of a one-sided police interview to start each chapter. She names the neighbor being interviewed. Without knowing the question the police are asking, we read the brief response of a neighbor, which then leads into a chapter focused on that neighbor. There are several neighbors, but the author was able to keep the storyline organized and easy to follow. It was a very effective technique that moved the story along at a brisk pace.

Regarding the blush factor in “Those People…”

There was no graphic sex or violence in “Those People,” but the language was at times quite coarse. It’s understandable, given the extreme circumstances presented. At the same time, any of us could find ourselves in that neighborhood. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, you will love “Those People.”

I give “Those People,” 5 stars.

“Those People,” is currently available for presale, and will be released on June 11, 2019.

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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