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Things I've learned from my digital detox

This is the last post in my series of posts on digital minimalism. I will share the key things I’ve learned from my digital detox. One of the things I’ve learned from my digital detox is that…Multitasking doesn’t workWhen you multitask, you are actually rapidly interrupting one task with another. Your brain then has to recall what you are trying to do and how to do it. In the example of watching an adventure film, baking cookies and working on your novel, you aren’t actually doing these things at the same time (no matter how coordinated you are). Your brain has to stop one activity and then reset itself to begin the next one.Everyone has had the experience of talking to a friend while doing something. Then you stop and say, “What was I doing” your conversation interfered with your task. Now your brain needs to reset itself to the task at hand. Many a turn has been missed by my husband while he was talking to me in the car. Often, we think that we’re saving time, or being more efficient. The truth is that even if we do save time, it’s at the cost of quality. Multitasking is one Read more…

Day by day Journal of my Digital Detox

Last month I took a break from a lot of the technology that I use every day as a writer and as someone who loves technology as much as the next guy or gal. During that time I kept a journal of how things were going. I thought you might find some of my observations interesting. I’ve kept this very brief and as you read it you’ll get an idea of what a 30-day digital detox can feel like. Again, this is a very personal experience, you someone else’s might be completely different.Day 1I’ve enjoyed my first technology free day. I haven’t missed anything other than my favorite computer game, which, for some reason, I have wanted to play several times today. I’ve noticed I’m more talkative with my family. I did have to send one text canceling an appointment tomorrow.Day 2I finished the book, A River in the Darkness: One Man’s Escape from North Korea. It only took me 3 days of reading it aloud to my husband during “downtime.” Reading aloud has taken the place of Netflix before bed. He has remarked that he is really enjoying me reading to him. He always has, but he’s surprised that Read more…

Prepare for your digital detox

We’ve been looking digital minimalism and how taking some time away from your gadgets can improve your life. Ironically, using technology such as email auto-responders, blog post schedulers, email sorters, voicemails, and bill-pay, can actually help you prepare for your digital detox and make it more successful. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways to make your time away from technology easier.If you are taking a retreatGive an emergency contact a way to reach you for emergencies. It’s a good idea to specify what those emergencies are since different people consider different things urgent. You might not think that deciding what shade your best friend should color her hair qualifies as an emergency, but she may think it is. It’s important that someone knows how to get ahold of you if a member of your family becomes ill or gets locked out of the house.If you aren’t going on retreat, this shouldn’t be a problem, since you can be found where you usually live and work, and will likely have access to your phone.Put your toe over the starting linePrepare for your digital detox by easing into, it a week early. This way you can work out the kinks.Turn off Read more…

Guidelines for your digital detox

This post is the second in a series I am writing about digital minimalism. You can check out my post on why doing a digital detox is something you should consider, HERE. To get started, you will need to set some guidelines for your digital detox, digital declutter, technology fast, or any other term you want to use to describe it. These are the parameters you will use to reign in your use of gadgets and digital technology. There are some questions you need to answer to determine your own guidelines for your digital detox. I’ve included my own answers, but they are only one example of how to approach this.What do I hope to achieve/What is my goal?This is a very personal question. There is no right answer to it. It’s essential that you think about this at a deep level, though, in order to be able to hang in there when it gets tough. Your reason for reducing your technology use has to be bigger and more meaningful than the benefit you get from the technology use.My answer: Initially I volunteered to be part of an experiment in digital minimalism. But I also wanted to increase my creativity, Read more…

Doing a Digital Detox

During the month of January, I participated in an experiment for a fellow author who is looking at digital minimalism. I had done a lot of research on the subject, myself. As someone who spends countless hours on my laptop, I have often wondered how productive that time has been. Is there a better way to do what I do? And, most importantly, is all of that connectedness actually doing me more harm than good? After doing my research, I came to the conclusion that doing a digital detox might be the perfect way to start out the year.The thought of doing a digital detox for an entire month wasn’t easy to swallow, considering I’m a writer and blogger. I will be writing a series of posts explaining why I chose to go on a technology fast, how I did it, and my thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of embarking on such an extreme digital diet of sorts. I will also be offering you some ideas of how you can explore your digital life in a healthy way. Let’s begin by taking a look at why doing a digital detox is worth considering.Too much of a good thingIn the Read more…

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