G is for: Explore the Gap : A Fitness Journey

Fitness Goals

My daughter and I recently started a free 7-day trial at a nearby fitness gym. Our first visit to the gym involved a sit down with the manager/owner of the franchise. He was great at his job and asked us a series of question intended to help him learn where we were at in our fitness journeys. These questions were among those he asked. I’ll share some of my answers.

What are the biggest obstacles?

Pain is my number one obstacle to fitness. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Part of my treatment for over 4 years was prednisone, a steroid notorious for causing weight gain. That combined with an actual fear of moving (because it all hurt) added up to me being in the poor shape I’m in, now.

My plan for dealing with this obstacle is to try not to overdo it, particularly with my hands and feet. So, the weight machines, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes are fine but I’ll be ignoring the stair steppers and treadmills.

What are the barriers to fitness success?

Finances are one of the barriers to finding a fitness gym that will work for us. Gyms are expensive! Even the “budget gyms” have fine-print fees that can potentially raise the cost beyond my budget. They can also be confusing. Some gyms lock you into a contract, while others don’t. Various price points will determine what amenities you can use you. All of this is fair, but still…confusing. One of the things I’m doing as I visit various fitness gyms is to get a clear picture of the various package prices for each gym. We’ve also had to decide that this is a priority that’s worth the expense.

Where is there most resistance to fitness?

Lack of motivation is always a huge source of resistance. The greater your resistance to change, the greater your motivation will need to be, in order to overcome it (and vise-versa).

My daughter and I both need to get into shape, so we decided to join a gym together. We each have our own individual needs in a gym. She would love to have a pool. She’s easily bored by the machines and her asthma makes cardio difficult. I couldn’t care less about a pool and I love the machines. I’ve already seen her motivation wavering, so maybe a pool would be worth it. We will have an opportunity to try a gym with a pool in the near future.

What are your greatest fears related to fitness?

I have such a long road ahead of me to get back in shape. That in itself is a major source of resistance. Not only will I have to run an obstacle course, but I will have to keep running it as a marathon. How’s that for a mixed metaphor? I’m afraid of failure, yet again. I think this fear is a common reason why people never even start doing something challenging.

All of this exploration of the gap between me and my future, healthier self has helped me to get a clearer picture of what I need to overcome, and the benefits of doing so.


I wrote this post in January 2019. a month later, I joined Planet Fitness. It had a plan at a price I could afford, and I don’t need a lot of perks. I’ve found that going with my daughter or my husband keeps me motivated. It is like having an accountability partner. I have to use caution due to chronic pain issues, but I’ve found that overall, a moderate workout really lifts my spirits and helps my energy level.

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The gap is the space between where you are today and where you want to be. Filmmaker Jane Campion once said, “If you can stand in the space just for a little while, a new door will open.” So reflect on a challenging situation you’re facing.

  • What are the biggest obstacles?
  • What are the barriers to success?
  • Where is there most resistance?
  • What are your greatest fears?

Which obstacles are you facing?

What Are YOUR Thoughts?

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8 comments on “G is for: Explore the Gap : A Fitness Journey

The actual mess about of going to the gym is what puts me off and I much prefer to use home equipment

Hi Debbie (Random Musings). I could use either for working out, but my teenage daughter loves the gym and she really needs to increase her fitness level.

With Rheumatoid Arthritis, working towards being fit must be difficult, Heather! Staying motivated despite the pain can test your patience and perseverance, isn’t it? But, keep at it. Your pain might reduce, or maybe you might find the strength to face that pain.
Wish you the best, Heather!

Hi Shilpa. Activity definitely helps. Sometimes it’s a fine line between improving, and overdoing it. Ignoring my physical health will always lead to trouble, though. Have a wonderful week!

I’m glad you found a gym that works for you.

Hi Liz. I am, too. I miss it right now. I haven’t left the house since my husband came home from the hospital and began in-home hospice 2 weeks ago. The gym is the one thing I miss.

Congratulations on jumping in (so to speak) and starting an exercise program. My problem is osteoarthritis and I had a hip replacement a year ago. After surgery, I was able to do anything I wanted to do. But what did I want to do? That was the question. In the end, my best exercise is walking because that is what I love to do, so that’s what I do.
H is for: Horrors of War – Province of Prussia
(Theme: very short stories/varied genres)

Hi Gail. Unfortunately, as soon as I jumped in, I had to jump back out. My husband recently went on in-home hospice and I haven’t left our home since. I am definitely still physically active, though. Taking care of him is a tough work out. I’m keeping my gym membership and I will be back. I am glad that your hip replacement was successful. Walking is a wonderful exercise–perhaps the best there is.

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