H is for: Helicopter View

Helicopter Worldview

Do you remember the OJ Simpson Bronco Chase? On June 17, 1994, most of America got to see a low-speed chase from a helicopter view. OJ Simpson, driven by his friend Al Cowlings in a white Bronco, led police, lights and sirens blazing, down the highway. Detective Tom Lange was able to contact Simpson on his cell phone to try to reason with him. Simpson had a gun and was refusing to toss the gun out the Bronco. He was obviously under distress because he knew he was about to be arrested. He was going to lose it all and implied that he was suicidal.

Imagine what it was like in the cab of the Bronco, the stress and anxiety. It must have felt like the world was closing in on him. I feel absolutely no pity for Simpson, but this is a perfect example of the benefit of a helicopter view. From the helicopter, this event looked more like an escort rather than a chase. If you turn the sound off on your computer, it almost looks like a relaxing drive. How different things appear from a helicopter view.

What about “your life, your career, or your company?”

By having a helicopter view, you can put things in perspective and make more rational decisions that are in line with your values. By asking questions that draw out the big picture, we can stay, or get back on, track.

In my writing, I have so many things that I want to do. Sometimes I get a bit scattered, not putting my efforts where they ought to be to be in line with my priorities. Today I will answer a few questions to give me that helicopter view.

  • What is most important? Right now, the most important thing in my list of writing goals is to help people who are facing the cancer of a loved one. It’s what I know best and there the biggest need is within the cancer community.
  • What are the top priorities? I need to direct more of my blog post at Facing Cancer with Grace toward caregivers. I also need to get my book for caregivers written.
  • How does this perspective change your view of a current challenge? I haven’t been working on my books lately. It’s time to schedule that much-needed writing time and make it job #1.

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Taking a helicopter view is another way of saying “look at the big picture.”

Sometimes we get so focused on the trees, that we can’t see the forest. When you can rise above a problem or challenging situation, you’re able to view it in the context of the bigger picture. So think about the wider scale of your life, your career or your company.

How could it help you to take a helicopter view? What do you need to look at, from that eye in the sky?

What Are YOUR Thoughts?

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6 comments on “H is for: Helicopter View

When I saw “helicopter”, I thought of hovering parenting. I didn’t think of it as a way to take a step back. Interesting.

Hi Liz. My first encounter with a helicopter parent was when my kids were small and I took them to the playground. I was scolded for letting my kids climb so high on the jungle gym. My kids were always risk takers, yet they were smart about things. Somehow, they never got hurt, always stayed out of trouble, and did well in school. They were never afraid to risk looking “foolish.”

Tom Lange was the guy who, during the trial, asked if he could refer to his notes to answer a question, and, when told he could, produced a 4″ binder packed to the point of breaking. It was both hilarious and at the same time pretty impressive.

There are times that a helicopter view allows you to see a “scale model” of NOW that can definitely help when making key life or career decisions. I was never especially good at being able to do that.

Hi John. I love the way you phrased that: “A scale model of NOW.” It can be very difficult to do at the moment but is so helpful when you need to put things into perspective. I think very few of us are very good at it, but at least we can try. Have a wonderful week!

Yes the helicopter view is very valuable. It helps you to look at a situation from an ‘outside’ perspective and be more rational about it.


Hi Duncan, Indeed. It’s so important to be able to see things from another point of view. Often it helps you make a better decision or come up with another way of approaching a problem.

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